29. März 2021 Johannes Wolters

Gamecity Hamburg Prototype Funding Insights Workshop

Christopher Kellner, Head of Business Development at astragon entertainment GmbH, and Dennis Schoubye, Project Lead at Gamecity Hamburg, gave insights in this online workshop on what game developers should consider when creating a cost plan and an exploitation strategy for their projects.

The workshop topics are among others:

From idea to pitch – from pitch to submission – from prototype to deal
Finding the right budget

How can Indie Devs do a realistic market and competitor analysis for their planned game projects?
Which key figures & market data should be used?
What metrics are (freely) available?
With which already published games should the own project be compared?

What and how to prototype
What should be considered when creating a project plan?
Timings – how long will all of this take? Tips for developing a prototype that arouses the interest of publishers
After the presentations, there will be sufficient time to answer individual questions from the participants.


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