26. Oktober 2018 Johannes Wolters

Hier das neue Showreel 2018 von Viola Baier, pardon Mrs Viola Baldwin!!!

Hey Hey dear friends.
I finally got to it, to edit a new showreel with a selection of shots of the features I had the pleasure to work on. Please have a look!
I am looking for a new gig from the end of December ’18/beginning of January ’19 on, but only for now on the North American continent, preferably Vancouver.
I also draw, if need needed I can do illustrations, concepts, character designs, storyboards, 2D animations etc., I love to work on cartoony features, as well as hyper realistic VFX films, full length commercial movies or artsy short films. l’m a hard worker and love my job, especially character animation, acting, facial acting…
If you know any studio where I would fit in, please let me know, I am ready to send out applications! Wooooop! Thanks a lot!


Viola Baldwin (formerly Viola Baier) Character Animation Demoreel 2018

Shots from:

Minions at Illumination Mac Guff Paris (2014)
Beauty and the Beast at Framestore London (2016/2017)
The LEGO Ninjago Movie at Animal Logic Sydney (2017)
Peter Rabbit at Animal Logic Sydney (2017)

Thanks for watching.

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