How Virtual Production is Changing VFX

Learning to work in Unreal Engine? Looking for Unreal 5 tools, resources and realtime innovations? Searching YouTube for videos about virtual production? Then this is the video for you! Scott Rosekrans is a VFX Supervisor and Virtual Production Supervisor for Realtime Group at Zoic Studios. He graduated in 2005 from Savannah College of Art and Design, with a degree in Computer Arts. He was trained as a generalist and chose to pursue my focus of rigging. He joined Zoic Studios internship in 2007; and within two years, he was handling all rigging work (in maya and LightWave 3D) for the entire studio. Since then, Scott has been working to integrate Unreal Engine into every facet of the facilities post production workflow, from previz and on-set virtual production to final renders. He is also Unreal Authorized Instructor Partner for Epic Games. In this video, Scott gives some VFX insight on the future of VFX and how virtual production, AR, VR and realtime are changing the visual effects pipeline. He also talks about where you can fit in as a VFX Artist and how being a generalist will serve you the best! Whether you’re starting out in VFX or you’re looking for your next career breakthrough – check out this Allan McKay interview with Zoic Studios’ Scott Rosekrans! And GET INSPIRED!

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