5. März 2019 Johannes Wolters

INFECTED, Hamburg: Showreel 2019



We’re a new breed of creative service – a production, an agency, a studio and a lab. Whatever your creative challenge is: We’ll bear something new for you. We create world-class and often awarded digital experiences, strategy, Motion Graphics, Storytelling, Mobile Apps, Digital POS, Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR, AR, XR), Realtime Renderings, Editing, Grading, Compositing, VFX, 3D and 2D Animation, Copywriting, VFX Supervision, Sound Recording, Sounddesign with the most handsome and reliable people in the business. Creativity is the new combination of things to create something better. So are we: a studio, agency, production, consulting office and a pool for great minds – for all kinds of visual and digital communication. Founded by visual designers for film and animation we’re now also a habitat for developers, UX specialists, VR/AR experts, writers, and directors.

All of us are constantly learning new technologies and meeting inspiring people to evolve our work to something unique. Something that stands out. Something that’s INFECTED. Our driving force: Curiosity. Stay curious about your work and the world around you. About the challenges in front of you and about those who will come in the future. That’s why we are a curious company.

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