30. August 2016 Johannes Wolters

Interessant für alle VR -Projekte: Auro®-HeadPhones™ now free for VR projects!

Folgende Presse/PR/Promo Mitteilung reiche ich hiermit an Euch weiter:

Hi Johannes,

In partnership with Auro-3D®, all VR projects using Wwise will be offered the Auro®-HeadPhones™ plugin, a cross platform software-based binaural audio solution for free (limited time offer).

Audiokinetic will also be selecting 5-8 distinguished VR projects for the Wwise VR Grant. Chosen projects will be offered a free Wwise license, and will be promoted and showcased by Audiokinetic both online and offline at industry events, conferences and more!

All VR projects are welcome to apply here:


Nathalie Bouchard
Audiokinetic press contact
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