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Köln: SAVE THE DATE 11th and 12th Clash of Realities 2020/2021 — November 17-18-19 2021

The 11th International Conference on the Art, Technology and Theory of Digital Games is a three-part event:

The first two parts took place in November 2020 & July 2021 as a digital conference.

Part III will be presented on November 17 and is again co-organized and co-hosted by the Cologne Game Lab (TH Köln) and the Department for Media Culture and Theater (University of Cologne).

To round things up, the 12th edition of the conference will be held directly after, on November 18-19! It will take place online and on-site (!).

11th Clash of Realities 2020/2021
Part III | November 17, 2021

12th Clash of Realities 2021
November 18-19, 2021

Conference Program | 11th Clash of Realities – Part III

Nov 17: Summit Day

New Technologies in Cultural Education
Immersive Gaming X Cultural Heritage Summit

Speakers to be announced shortly!

(Social, Cultural and Civic) Participation in Virtual Spaces
Media Education Summit

Anti-Racist Literacy in Games? A Conversation
Sabine Harrer (Uppsala University, Sweden)
Leonardo Custodio (Åbo Akademi University, Finland)

Accessibility in Games (WT)
Melanie Eilert (Blogger on Games & Inclusion)

Seeing Me, Seeing You, Seeing Us:
A Frustrated Gamer’s Journey for Representation
Danielle Udogaranya / Ebonix (Content Creator, 3D Artist, UK)

Values // Culture // Play
Rilla Khaled (Concordia University, Canada)

Clash Home

Conference Program | 12th Clash of Realities

Nov 18: Summit Day

The Realities of Entrepreneurship
Media Entrepreneurship Summit

The Founder CEO Paradox
Peter Warman (Co-Founder & CEO, Newzoo)

The Untapped Potential of Female Entrepreneurs –
A Catalyst for Economic Growth? (WT)
Kristin Janulik (Game Consultant & Coach)

Entrepreneurship and Startup Culture in a Big Corporation
Dominik Lauf (MagentaGaming / Deutsche Telekom Innovation)

Green Entrepreneurship
Philippe Singer (Leaders for Climate Action)

Absurd Games
Guest Summit

Poking the Hive
Angela Washko (Artist / Carnegie Mellon University)

Game Over
Joan Heemskerk [ JODI ] (Art Collective)

Nominative Determinism: How the Right Absurd Name Can Guide a Project
Xalavier Nelson Jr. (Studio Head / Narrative Director / Writer)

Fantastic Fetus as an Example of the Abusive Design Aesthetics
Aleksandra Jarosz (Purple Lamp Studio)

Meaning Beyond Fun: Creating Games That Don’t Flow
Damien Crawford (Cannibal Interactive)

Nov 19: Main Conference Day
Keynote Talks & Presentations


The Clash of Realities, international research conference on the art, technology, and theory of digital games, provides the opportunity for interdisciplinary exchange and dialogue. Since 2006, the artistic-academic research conference has brought together a diverse selection of experts from academia, science and research, economics, politics, and the gaming industry. Participants discuss pressing questions concerning the artistic design, technological development, and social perception of digital games, as well as the spread of games literacy.

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