31. Mai 2019 Johannes Wolters

Netflix Animation is hiring!!! Und kommt nach Annecy!

Why, hello there!

We’re so excited you’re here!

Netflix Animation is headed to Annecy! If you are as excited about our upcoming animated content as we are (we’re SUPER-excited!), we’d love to know more about you. We are in production on a variety of amazing projects and we are hiring!

If you are participating in the Annecy International Animation Film Festival/MIFA and would like an opportunity to meet with us, please share a bit about yourself and your work. If there is a match, we will contact you.

Please note: We are unable to host you to the event. This is directed to those accredited Annecy Animation Film Festival and or MIFA attendees who are going on their own.

Thank you for taking a moment to share your info with us. We look forward to an opportunity to meet you in the future!

Have a great festival!


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