7. April 2021 Johannes Wolters

Panel Discussion: Industry of Adult Animation with John Evershed, Dan Sarto, Eric Calderon & Chris Robinson

DONNERSTAG, 8. APRIL 2021 VON 22:00 - 23:00 MEZ

In our third panel discussion on Adult Animation, we have invited four guests who follow the animation industry closely. Panelists include John Evershed (Executive Producer and Consultant at High Concentrate), Dan Sarto (Publisher and Editor-in-Chief at AWN), Eric Calderon (Producer, Writer and Development Executive), and Chris Robinson (Writer/Author and Artistic Director at the Ottawa International Animation Festival).
Panelists will discuss topics related to the craft and industry of adult animation as well as share advice for creators interested in pitching their projects. Join us live on Twitch on Thursday, April 8th at 4PM Eastern / 1PM Pacific for a chance to submit live questions.
If you enjoy our conversations, keep out the release of the second edition of John Evershed’s Adult Animation White Paper. Toon Boom Animation is proud to sponsor John Evershed’s research and efforts to make insights about our industry as widely available as possible.
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