24. April 2023 Johannes Wolters

„Please, let me see this!“: Trailer and Website of „Starling“ by Mitra Shahidi

Mitra Shahidi: In my short film, „Starling”, a mischievous little spirit shoots down from the sky to return to her family’s home on her birthday. On the way, rainclouds derail her and she misses her target, causing her to tumble onto the streets of Istanbul, where she grew up.  As she makes her way through the city we see her experience all the things she loved when she was among us. 

The film is a tribute to my friend who lost her battle to cancer but lived her life vivaciously and full of love for her family and friends. I wanted to capture that even though she is no longer with us, her spirit lives on and is still able to bring joy and love to those she left behind.

Website: https://www.starlingshort.com/

Trailer for the animated short, Starling by Mitra Shahidi.
Trailer edited by Jaraed Bello
with Original Music by Andrew Jimenez


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