19. April 2023 Johannes Wolters

Poster für den International Animation Day 2023 von George Schwizgebel

Announcing the 2023 International Animation Day poster designed and illustrated by the legendary Georges Schwizgebel!
Born in 1944, Switzerland. 1960-65 School of Fine Arts and Decorative Arts, in 1970 he founded Studio GDS and began producing and directing animated shorts. From The Flight of Icarus (1974) to Darwin’s Notebook (2020), he has directed around twenty films, almost all of which have won international awards. Two appear on the list of the 100 most outstanding animated films established in 2006 at the Annecy festival, 78 Tours (1985) and The Ride to the Abyss (1992).
About IAD:
The International Non-Profit animation group ASIFA (Association International du Film d’Animation) created International Animation Day (IAD) in 2002, honoring the birth of animation. IAD recognizes the first public performance of projected moving images: Emile Reynaud’s Theatre Optique in Paris, on the 28th October 1892.
ASIFA coordinates and helps promote the free exchange of films with IAD celebrations all over the world, putting the art of animation in the limelight in a global celebration of animation.
ASIFA, founded in 1960, and chartered under UNESCO, strives to unite the world in peace and mutual understanding across all borders by celebrating our uniqueness and shared humanity through the art of animation.
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