23. Mai 2018 Johannes Wolters

RISE FX: REEL – Black Panther

Building mountains, designing the Jabariland mountain city, making and animating digital doubles for some of the film’s main characters and the Jabari gorilla tribe population, creating CG snow falling, swirling, clumping together, re-thinking holograms, artdirecting moving sand…

That’s just a glimpse of what our VFX supervisor Jonathan Weber and his team delivered on 180 shots for Marvel Studios’ mega blockbuster BLACK PANTHER – out now streaming and on DVD and Blu-ray.

More info on our work on Art of VFX artofvfx.com/black-panther-jonathan-weber-vfx-supervisor-rise/

All content of this reel is protected by copyright laws and is owned by RISE FX GmbH or licensed from it′s client Marvel Studios – duplication or redistribution of any kind is strictly prohibited. © Copyright 2018 RISE FX GmbH – all rights reserved.


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