27. März 2020 Johannes Wolters

RODEO’s response to COVID-19



Our top priority in the last few weeks has been to keep people safe by carefully following the recommendations of both federal and provincial governments while maintaining business continuity. This was not going to pass without impact and there were enormous challenges to overcome to fully deploy remote work. As of March 25th, our fearless IT and Facilities teams were able to deploy WFH in all of our studios (LA – MTL – QC – MUN) with the majority of our employees now safely working from home.

It’s the beginning of a new reality and as we move forward we’ll continue to smooth things out, expand our setups as required, and adjust to this new (temporary) normal. Shows in progress will continue and hopefully we’ll take on new projects shortly.  

Our clients have been incredible and we’re grateful for their cooperation. 

Tackling complex challenges has always been our MO, and the opportunity to innovate around the realities of COVID-19 was not the test of skills we anticipated, but one we have all risen to.

There are an incredible amount of moving parts involved in pulling this off and every person had to roll up their sleeves and adapt.

We are really proud of our artists & employees and grateful everyone is home safe. 

Finally, we want to add to the chorus of voices out there advising every individual to do their part, wash their hands, sterilize environments, avoid crowds, and act on behalf of our communities to plank the curve.

Things will get better and hopefully every single one of us will be back at the office shortly !



Sebastien Moreau and the entire Rodeo FX team.


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