7. September 2020 Johannes Wolters

Sebastian Badea – SHOWREEL The Kangaroo Chronicles – Die Känguru Chroniken (2020)


This is the showreel of the animation work I did as a Lead Animator for „Die Känguru Chroniken“ (2020) at Trixter in Berlin.

Please note that I share some of the work with other artists.
My part of the work can be found in the upper left corner description.

Thanks to our great animation team and everybody contributing to this project at Trixter!

Music: an excerpt from Niki Reiser – Der Teppich (I hold no rights to this music. It’s for presentation purposes only)

Sebastian Badea – The Kangaroo Chronicles – Die Känguru Chroniken (2020) from Sebastian Badea on Vimeo.

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