15. August 2018 Johannes Wolters

SIGGRAPH 2018 für uns daheim (3): Panels „WOMEN IN CG“, CG IN LATIN AMERICA, CG IN CANADA

Women in CG

„An homage to the SIGGRAPH 2018 conference theme of “Generations.” This year’s Women in CG session looks toward women who have or are continuing to shape the world of Computer Graphics, our female CG pioneers. This panel will draw upon their vast experiences and wisdom gained during their long and sustained careers.“

CG in Latin America

„In this panel discussion, industry and academic leaders share the latest developments in CG in Latin America.“

CG in Canada

„Are you curious about the CG industry and education in Canada? In this session, we will explore ways in which we can develop a long term link between industry and higher education in order to cultivate mutual benefits and long term relationships. Don’t miss the chance to hear vivid, candid stories from speakers from both industries and universities.“

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