8. August 2023 Johannes Wolters

Sony Creators Conference: Sessions Day 1 Livestream (Aug 8th PDT) | Official

Tune in for the following panels:

Tuesday, Aug. 8 PDT 9:30 AM “Engineering for Creativity at Sony Pictures Animation” Yiotis Katsambas: Executive Director of Technology, Sony Pictures Animation / Distinguished Engineer, Sony Corporation

11:00 AM “Visual Effects using Real-Time Technology” Guy Wilday: VP, Interactive Technology, Sony Pictures Entertainment Jason Reitman: Filmmaker, Ghost Corps Miles Perkins: Director, Unreal Engine Business, Media & Entertainment, Epic Games David Murrant: VP, Creative Arts, Sony Interactive Entertainment Mahmoud Rahnama: Chief Innovation Officer, Pixomondo

12:30 PM “Innovating Live-Action and Animated Projects” Mike Ford: Chief Technology Officer, Sony Pictures Imageworks Michael Lasker: Visual Effects Supervisor, Sony Pictures Imageworks Theo Bialek: Visual Effects Supervisor, Sony Pictures Imageworks Alan Hawkins: Head of Character Animation, Sony Pictures Imageworks Lee Kerley: Pipeline Architect, Sony Pictures Imageworks

2:00 PM “A New Frontier – Taking Optical Tracking to the Virtual World of Sports” Nicolaas Westerhof: Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder, Beyond Sports Sam Bourne: Hawk-Product Manager, Hawk-Eye Innovations Hiroki Nagahama: Deputy Senior General Manager, Technology Infrastructure Center, Sony Group Corporation

3:30 PM “Future of Virtual Production in Music” Brad Spahr: SVP, General Manager, Sony Immersive Music Studios Irem Uygur: Unreal Technical Artist, Sony Innovation Studios Tobias Anderberg: VP, Software Engineering, Sony Innovation Studios Saul Levitz: SVP, Video & Content Production, COLUMBIA RECORDS / Sony Music Entertainment Anastasia Delmark: Film Director, Green Glow Films

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