3. Januar 2020 Johannes Wolters

Ludwigsburg: Studio Soi – Trudes Tier: „Klickhit“

Studio Soi schrieb:

For the beginning of the New Year Trude is posting videos on healthy body posture. Her flatmate Tier makes sure these videos get spiced up a bit. Watch the new episode “Klickhit” on Das Erste and Kika this Sunday as part of the show “Sendung mit der Maus” or online, if you are in Germany:

Trudes Tier: „Klickhit“ in der ARD Mediathek: Hier anklicken!

Studio Soi is an independent animation studio based in Germany. We attract clients who value taking part in the creative process, and we seek to be both a haven and a collaborator for artists and clients who also aim to push their work forward, to explore and create something new.


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