24. März 2018 Johannes Wolters

Täglich einen Kurzen: A Tale Of Two Trumps | Season 29 | THE SIMPSONS

David Silverman auf Facebook:

A couple of weeks ago, I had a meeting with James L Brooks, Matt Groening, Al Jean, and Matt Selman. Matt had this main idea, we talked it out, Al Jean wrote it out.

Dan Castellaneta did the great vocals, as did Carolyn Omine.

Jim Brooks and Al Jean sent revisions as we went, trying to keep up with the mercurial White House news.

Thanks to the talented crew that worked on it all! I served as director, and some storyboarding, but here’s who did all the heavy lifting:

Colossal Assistant + CoDirector
Eric Koenig

Storyboard City
Eric Koenig

Iron Clad Editor
Roger Injarusorn

Produced Out Of Thin Air By
Tom Klein
Andrea Romero

Tenacious Character Design
Eric S Keyes
Tommy Tejeda

Stupendous Character Layout (key animation really!)
Eric Koenig
Lejon Douroux
Yelena Geodakyan
Jeff Johnson
Arlo Ramz
Thomas Richner
Rick Salonga
Kamoon Song

Fantastic FX Layout
John Dillon
Al Holter
Brice Mallier

Mind Bending BG Design
Lynna Blankenship
Andy Chen
Jabu Henderson
Steve Pilapil
Chuck Puntuvatana
Gerald Rey
George Villaflor

Poppin‘ Prop Design
Darrel Bowen
John Krause
Mike Pettengill

Legendary Lead Animation Timer
Larry Smith

Astonishing Additional Timers
Ray Claffey
Esther Lee
Cyndi Tang

Grand Poobah Color Design Director
Dima Malanitchev

Crazy Cool Color Design
Eli Balser
Mike Battle

Grand Central Digital Compositors
Steve Mills
Beth Morris
Rick Moser

Panoramic Scene Planner
Erika Isabel Vega

Make Ya Think Lip Sync
Robyn Andersun

Transcendental Track Reader
Laurie Wetzler

Elegant Assistant Editor
Benjamin Morse

Magnificent Production Manager
Rio Sakurai

Irreplaceable Production People
Peter Gave
Derek Higgs
Michael Mahan
James Mckinnie
Trevor A. Smith
Rebecca Totman

And a big fat, ten-gallon salute to the artists at AKOM Animation in Seoul, South Korea for their tireless work. They did such a bang-up job of final animation and painting. Yaaay founder Nelson Shin!


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