31. Juli 2020 Johannes Wolters

Täglich einen Kurzen: Creature Discomforts: Life in Lockdown

Created by Aardman and London creative agency ENGINE, the film draws a parallel between the struggles faced by humans during lockdown and the impoverished lives of wild animals in captivity. The 2D animation was conceived and created entirely under lockdown conditions, with all meetings, production and animation carried out remotely.

Directed by Academy Award® and BAFTA® nominated director Peter Peake, the film uses interviews from people across the UK that were recorded during the peak of lockdown. To ensure that the accounts were honest, participants were unaware of the true purpose of the project until after their interviews were finished. Characters were then designed to match the voices, and the backgrounds designed to reflect the harsh conditions in which captive wild animals are forced to live.

Help rescue wild animals from a lifetime of lockdown https://www.bornfree.org.uk/life-in-l… We used people’s experience of lockdown to highlight the lives of wild animals forced to live under lock and key. Turn on the sound to hear their story. Many animals in zoos, circuses and dolphinaria suffer in lockdown every day. They’re trapped thousands of miles from their natural homes. Stripped of a life in the wild. And locked up for life. Almost all will die in captivity. We do our best to break this cycle and where possible rescue vulnerable animals from appalling conditions. Share this film and donate if you can so we can rescue even more wild animals from permanent lockdown.

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