2. September 2019 Johannes Wolters

Täglich einen Kurzen: „proxy“ von Nina Hoffmann, Haidi Marburger und Ramon Arango

proxy from Ramon Arango on Vimeo.

PROXY is the graduation film of Nina Hoffmann, Haidi Marburger and Ramon Arango

It is a film about a grieving mother who uses left behind data to create a replica of her dead son. Her wish to have him back seems fulfilled, but soon the child must realize the limits of his artificial existence.

Soundtrack by Louis Edlinger

Produced by Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

I was responsible for the character’s models, rigs and half of the performance.

Nina did an amazing job with the lighting and general CG work in this, putting lots of details in each room, shot and prop.

Haidi was the Art Director and crafted the mood of this film with beautiful colors, compositions and editing.

Ramon Arango


Directed by: Haidi Marburger, Ramón Aragno, Nina Hoffmann
Written by: Haidi Marburger, Nina Hoffmann, Ramón Aragno

World Premiere: July 2018
Original Version: English (french/english/german subtitles), colour, DCP, 5 min.

Production: HSLU Studienbereich Animation Hochschule Luzern, Design & Kunst
Producer: Gerd Gockell, Jürgen Haas

Cinematography: Haidi Marburger
Editing: Haidi Marburger
Location Sound Mix: Dieter Hebben
Sound Editing: Thomas Gassmann, Bill Bühler, Benjamin Lüthold
Sound Design: Thomas Gassmann, Bill Bühler, Benjamin Lüthold
Rerecording Sound Mix: Thomas Gassmann
Music: Louis Edlinger
Animation: Ramón Aragno, Haidi Marburger
3D Animation: Ramón Aragno, Haidi Marburger
Compositing: Nina Hoffmann, Haidi Marburger
Production Design: Nina Hoffmann
Special Effects: Ramón Aragno, Haidi Marburger, Nina Hoffmann, Luca Struchen
Lighting: Nina Hoffmann, Haidi Marburger
Techniques: 3D Computer animation

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