13. September 2019 Johannes Wolters

Täglich einen Kurzen: „School Strike for Climate 2019“ von Alex Grigg

School Strike for Climate 2019 from Alex Grigg on Vimeo.

This is a short piece made in collaboration with some of the student organisers of the School Strike for Climate. The political movement these students are building is one of the most inspiring things I’ve seen in recent years so when I was asked to donate some time to help promote their cause I jumped at the chance.

Working with creative Simon Robson in Sydney we pulled together a team of like minded animators and creators from around and got to work animating something that reflected the energy and determination of these incredible young people.

Please take a second to check out the credits below. Everyone kindly donated their time in between other projects and I’d love for you see their work.
Director : Alex Grigg (@alexxgrigg)
Writer / Creative Director: Simon Robson (@northboysouth)
Design : Alex Grigg
Typography : Renaud Futterer (@renaudlondon)
Animation : Alex Grigg, Michael Shiao Chen (@chemicalhen), Catriona Drummond (@goodsniff_), Julien Becquer (@animmetis), Andrew Onorato (@andrewonorato), Ben Ommundson (@saint.of.eyes)
Compositing : Chris Angelius (@sometimesdaily), Simon Robson
Producer : Simon Robson, Diana Angelius (@lawlimsmall)
Supported by : @mightynicesydney
Music & Sound Design: Rumble Studios (@rumblestudios)

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