5. Februar 2022 Johannes Wolters

Täglich einen Kurzen: „Sprout“ by Zoe Tucker

Sprout, created by Zoe Tucker in the #VFSfoundation program, is a choice-based adventure game that follows Sprout, a member of a race of sprites that live in a system of underground caves. When Sprout is alerted to the existence of a surface world by Pixel, a bot who has literally and figuratively crashed into their life, their entire life is thrown off course. Together they set out to stop the expansion of Pixel’s world before it makes Sprout’s peaceful environment uninhabitable. The game is character and story driven. The decisions you make as you play you will change their personalities, leading to one of many possible endings. This video is an animated teaser for this game that illustrates Sprout and Pixel’s first meeting with interspersed shots of gameplay. This project was created as a Game Design Final Project in the Design Stream of the Foundation Visual Art and Design Program.

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