20. Juli 2020 Johannes Wolters

Täglich einen Kurzen: „THE ARCHIVE“ (2020) by Vanessa Schneider (Graduation Project)

The Archive (2020) from Vanessa Schneider on Vimeo.

The little robot George lives in an archive. Every day, he sorts tubes into cabinets until one day a stuck drawer messes up everything.

Detailed Information about Filmmaker:

Vanessa Schneider
1. Story, Modeling, Rigging, Animation, Shading, Lighting
2. vs-animation.com
3. E-Mail: schneider-v@outlook.com
4. WIA Student membership
5. 3D Character Animator

Julia Skala
1. Character Design
2. juliaskala.com

Lina Küppers
1. Sound Design & Music
2. vimeo.com/linakueppers

The film is my graduation project, completed at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz in July 2020.

Additional information (Vanessa Schneider):
1. I’m currently located in Germany
2. Yes, I am open to relocation.
3. I would need sponsorship for Canada and the USA
4. Yes, I am open to opportunities that I can work remotely

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