31. Januar 2019 Johannes Wolters

Täglich einen Kurzen: The Head Vanishes

The prospect of dementia is a real fear for many of us, so it’s no wonder it’s become such a well explored subject in the world of cinema. From feature length to short, we’ve seen numerous films attempt to highlight the effects of this syndrome, so how does a filmmaker tell such a story in a new, inventive and engaging fashion? Well, for French director Franck Dion he decided to take a very personal story and translate it into the poetic animation The Head Vanishes.

Following its elderly protagonist Jacqueline, as she takes her detached head on a train journey to the seaside, though the literal translation of a woman losing her head (or mind) might be a little on the nose for some, there’s a personal side to this story that might make you see The Head Vanishes in a totally different light.


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