22. Oktober 2020 Johannes Wolters

Täglich einen Kurzen: „There’s a monster in my kitchen“ von Fabian Erlinghäuser und Tomm Moore

Sir Paul McCartney said:  „The world’s forests are truly irreplaceable. They’re home to Indigenous Peoples, amazing wildlife and are vital in our fight against the climate crisis. But, as Greenpeace’s ‘Monster’ animation so powerfully shows, these forests are being cleared at a shocking rate to farm more industrial meat and dairy. This is why reducing our meat is so important. But that alone isn’t enough. To solve this problem, we need supermarkets and fast food restaurants to clean up their supply chains and make the switch to less destructive, plant-based alternatives. Our forests – and all our futures – depend on it.“

‘There’s a monster in my kitchen’ – the true story behind the film

Fabian schrieb auf Facebook: „So excited to share this Greenpeace film I co-directed with Tomm Moore. Art direction by the wonderful Maria Mp Pareja, written by James Sellick, boarded by Iker Maidagan, narrated by Wagner Moura 🌎

Tomm schrieb auf Facebook: „I’m so proud of this film that I codirected with Fabian Erlinghauser and worked with the amazing team of Artists from Wolfwalkers on for three months this summer – amazingly everyone worked from Home , whether that was Switzerland , Kilkenny , France , Italy , Spain , the Canary Islands or elsewhere and it was a dream project with a dreamTeam about an extremely important cause ..“

Cartoon Saloon:


Jag-wah’s forest home is being burnt down to graze cattle and grow animal feed for meat. If we don’t act, more precious habitats will be ruined, Indigenous Peoples could lose their homes, and we’ll lose the fight against climate change. Monster, the sequel to Rang-Tan, a new short film from Greenpeace made with four-time Academy Award®, Golden Globe®, BAFTA and Emmy nominated animation studio Cartoon Saloon and independent creative agency Mother, to support our mission to end the role of industrial meat in deforestation and climate change, and to challenge the companies who are responsible.

There’s a monster in my kitchen and I don’t know what to do. It has wicked glowing eyes and a snake-like tail too. And claws so sharp and beastly they could tear a child in two. It ripped our chalkboard off the wall and knocked over our stew. And it growled at all the bones from our summer barbecue. Perhaps this beast is here to feast? But on what? Or on…who? There’s a monster in my kitchen and it’s filling me with fear! Oh, monster in the shadows, please, tell me why you’re here? There’s a monster in my forest and I don’t know what to do. It turned my home to ash to instead grow something new. Feed for chickens, pigs and cows to sell more meat to you. As our forests disappeared, their evil empire grew. They think they are unstoppable but we pray this isn’t true. The real cost of what they’re doing, if only the whole world knew. There’s a monster in my forest and it’s filling me with fear! It’s putting us all in danger, to warn you is why I’m here. Oh Jag-wah in my kitchen, now I do know what to do. We’ll eat more plants and veggies and we’ll swap meat for bean stew or barbecue tofu! I’ll assemble every warrior from here to Timbuktu. Oh, Jag-wah in our kitchen, now we do know what to do. We’ll stop these deadly monsters, so our planet can renew.

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