Thoron the Conqueror | adult swim smalls

After Thoron quits his stable job to become a freelance conqueror, he battles horny aliens, discovers an ancient fear-killing crystal, and gets gobbled up by the fabled Eater of Worlds!

Created by Sean Godsey & Nic Collins Written and Directed by Sean Godsey & Nic Collins VO by Sean Godsey, Nic Collins, Sabrina Johnson, Jade Hayward, and Zack Collins Character Design by Sean Godsey Background Animation and Design by Harry Bhalerao Editing by Nic Collins Music Marcus by Marcus Drake Sound Design by Brent Busby

Sean Godsey is a writer, animator and performer in Los Angeles. Nic Collins is an award-winning writer and director based in LA. He loves pro wrestling, comic books, and salmon rolls. F

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