Trailers from Hell: Brian Trenchard-Smith on THE 7TH VOYAGE OF SINBAD

A generation of baby boomers were forever enchanted by a passel of fabulous monsters in this now-classic fantasy hit. After years of working on Sam Katzman B pictures, FX genius Ray Harryhausen and his producer Charles Schneer moved up the ladder with  a comparatively larger budget but still economical Arabian Nights  adventure whose sleeper success spawned another two decades of Harryhausen magic. An enthusiastic Art Gilmore hawks the spectacle in this pre-release promo reel, almost a short subject in itself. Oddly, when this was reissued in 1975, Dynamation became Dynarama! ABOUT TRAILERS FROM HELL: TFH is the premier showcase for a breathtakingly eclectic assortment of trailers from classic era films both in their original form and punctuated with informative and amusing commentary by contemporary filmmakers.

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