7. April 2021 Johannes Wolters

Viborg seeks Director of Viborg Visuals

Viborg brings together all its strengths in animation and visual communication in a new venture; Viborg Visuals.

At the same time, with the designation of UNESCO Creative City, the city has received the international stamp of approval of a world-class visual powerhouse.

We are looking for a director who, in collaboration with companies and cultural and educational institutions within digital visual media, can create an even larger market for animation, XR, film, photography, games and drawing and establish new collaborations across professions, education, culture and authorities.

If you know how to create partnerships, have impact, a flair for business development and the desire and willingness to become part of an ambitious investment in animation and visual media, then you may be the director we are looking for. 


World Champion in collaboration and organizational development
Viborg Visuals is a completely new unit established by Viborg Municipality, VIA University College and VIBORGegnens Erhvervsråd.

  • You will be tasked with building up this new and network-based organization and helping to set the direction in close collaboration with a board and good partners.
  • You enter an environment of actors who all have great ambitions in the field and where good cooperation has already been established.
  • You will thus not become a director in the classical sense, because the task calls for a person who is a world champion in creating partnerships and collaborations with other clusters, companies and business organizations both based on the business environment in Viborg and in collaboration with municipalities, educational and cultural institutions in and around Viborg.

To concretize the vision, we have formulated four ambitions. Viborg Visuals must thus:

  • Strengthen the use of visual skills in companies
  • Support collaboration across the professionally relevant educational environments in and around Viborg
  • Develop the market for creative visual skills in other industries
  • Ensure closer contact between educational institutions, culture and business

Visionary relationship building
As mentioned, we are looking for an untraditional director, where we emphasize experience in working in networks, creating relationships and building bridges very highly while you can continuously develop an organization. You must have strong business skills, political understanding, good communication and collaboration skills and preferably also an interest in the digital visual field.

We do not expect you to know everything about the production of animated films or virtual reality, but we expect that you are curious and can quickly understand what animation, VR / AR / XR can be used for and thus be able to convey the potentials to other industries and partners.

Specifically, we emphasize that you have as many of the following qualifications as possible:

  • Strong abilities to build relationships and networks and see opportunities in the meeting with other actors and industries.
  • Understanding of the landscape of clusters and other business organizations that you enter and possibly. also experience from cluster development and cluster projects
  • Competences in relation to developing and running a new organization and a well-developed ability to get things started
  • Business understanding, sales orientation and strong fundraising skills
  • Good communication skills and ability to create visibility around Viborg Visuals – both locally, regionally, nationally and internationally
  • Interest in animation, VR / AR / XR and digital visual media and ability to see the value proposition in these technologies compared to other industries.
  • An outgoing and pleasant personality with good teamwork skills and impact.

The first tasks on your table will be to establish Viborg Visuals, formulate a strategy and establish strong relationships with the relevant stakeholders, while at the same time there are a number of concrete projects that must be started. 

As director, you refer to the association’s board and have the overall responsibility for the association’s business operations, including that the association’s strategy and objectives are implemented and to fulfill the project and collaboration agreements that we expect to enter into.

About the workplace
Viborg Visuals is initially established as a small organization, where you are put in charge of 1-2 permanent employees and in addition have the opportunity to involve and draw on a wide range of resources and competencies in both Viborg Municipality, at The Animation Workshop – VIA University College, Media College Denmark, VIBORGegnens Erhvervsråd m.fl. The goal is for the organization to grow as funding is secured through projects, partnerships and collaborations.

Practical conditions The
position is to be filled on 1 June 2021 or as soon as possible. Employment will take place in accordance with the agreement on contract employment and in accordance with the applicable collective agreement. The position is a full-time position.

Viborg Visuals encourages all interested parties, regardless of personal background, to apply for the position.
The nomination committee consists of three people in the form of a representative from Viborg Municipality and from VIA University College as well as the chairman of the board of the Arsenal.

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