13. Oktober 2015 Johannes Wolters

2D Animation Software Guide

Über die Facebook Gruppe Animators Assemble wurde ich von Deepu VS auf die folgende Website hingewiesen, die ich Euch hier nicht vorenthalten möchte:

2D Animation Software – A Comprehensive List

A complete List of free and paid animation software programms!

I’ve compiled a list of as many 2d software programs as I could think of, from beginners to advanced, both free and paid, so there should be something for everyone.

Some of them have free trial versions that you can use for 30 days to see what you think. Where possible I’ve added a link to those trials.

If you know of any other 2d animation programs that I’ve not mentioned here, then please leave a comment in the guestbook at the bottom of the page and I’ll add it to the list.

(Don’t know some of the technical terms here? Check out our glossary for a complete description)

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