4. Februar 2020 Johannes Wolters

Animation Studies – Stuttgart SAS Symposium: Diversity in animation, games, comics and illustration

Call for Proposals: Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS) and FMX 2020

Venue: Literaturhaus Stuttgart, Wednesday, May 6 2020

An academic symposium at the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film and FMX 2020 in collaboration with the Society of Animation Studies, the School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University Singapore, the Institute of Media Studies at Eberhard Karls University Tübingen, the AG Animation and the Literaturhaus Stuttgart.

The symposium is aiming to be highly interdisciplinary and international in nature, bringing together scholars, students, academics and artists from diverse fields of research and professional practice.

Call for proposals:

This one-day symposium welcomes papers, which negotiate the topic of diversity in animation, games, comics and illustration. We intend to embrace  academic and practice-based presentations from diverse angles. The examples below just provide some examples of possible topics but are by no means intended to be limiting in terms of thematic scope.

The symposium invites abstracts for 20-minute presentations and welcomes proposals on all aspects of diversity in animation/film, games, comics (graphic novels) and illustration. Proposals, which relate to the symposium topic will be preferred.

To encourage a high number of quality submissions we also welcome proposals that negotiate the conference topic in a wider sense. We are looking at the idea of diversity from many different possible angles, topics can include, but are not limited to:

  • Papers that address the topic of diversity (in a wider sense) in animation, games, comics or illustration in general
  • Gender studies
  • Transcultural studies
  • Interdisciplinary research collaborations
  • Diversity in practice-led and practice-based research
  • Diversity in production practice, e.g. production in multi-cultural teams.
  • Diversity investigated from the perspective of animation, games, comics or illustration studies.

Please e-mail abstracts of 350 words maximum (excluding title) to the attention of the conference review committee at: Symposium_Stuttgart@hannesrall.com

Abstracts should include your name, affiliation, e-mail address, and the title of your proposed paper. Please take care that you also submit send a second anonymized version of the abstract for peer review. Please do also provide a short CV, with a maximum of 300 words as a separate document.

The deadline for submissions is Monday, March 23, 2020. Authors of accepted papers will be notified in the week from April 6 or earlier.

Eligibility and Conference Fee

The call is open to all interested scholars, researchers and practitioners. Accepted speakers as well as visitors of the symposium will need to get an accreditation for professionals at the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film or the FMX 2020 (either one is sufficient).

This will allow full access to the symposium as a speaker. In other words: For anyone who will be holding an accreditation for either ITFS or FMX the symposium is entirely free to attend as a speaker (or audience member) – no conference fee required. If a speaker intends to only come for his/her presentation, he/she can alternatively acquire a day pass at the cost of 15,- Euro at the box office on the event date.

The cost is 33 Euro for the early bird accreditation (in case you intend to come to the festival anyways) or 49 Euro for the regular accreditation (academic) – in case you can only confirm the attendance after notification of paper acceptance. You can get the accreditation for the ITFS here.

Details on FMX accreditation (alternative option) will follow later.

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