10. April 2024 Johannes Wolters

Gobelins, Paris – Statement regarding AI


GOBELINS Paris shared a student project yesterday.

The publication featured several visuals created with the help of an AI. Many people expressed their disappointment at seeing artificial work published on our networks. We’re not unaware of recent controversies associating AI with practices that threaten authentic artistic creation. We therefore understand that some may have seen in these visuals an attempt to replace the human gesture with these artificial tools.

We would therefore like to respond to these concerns and reassure our community by explaining our approach clearly and transparently:

First of all, these visuals are in no way the work of animation students or graphic design students at GOBELINS, but prototypes designed by students who are destined for project management in the publishing world. Nor are they definitive works, but simply preparatory concepts that will be proposed to potential publishers at the Bologna International Children’s Book Fair.

GOBELINS Paris will always place the creator, the gesture, and individual and personal talent at the heart of its teaching and creations. The human being is, and always will be, the starting and finishing point of our teaching and the creative act, a guarantee of excellence.


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