21. Januar 2023 Johannes Wolters

ANIMSchool – Introduction to XGEN

AnimSchool Tips: Introduction to XGEN Whether it’s to make grass or hair, XGen is a powerful tool within Maya that can help take your models to the next level. In this snippet from a LIVE AnimSchool class, Instructor Koji Tsukamoto shows us how to get started in XGen. Getting started with such a tool is a daunting task. With Koji’s guidance, we can get a better grasp of XGen, breaking down his method step by step. Sign up today to learn from industry-leading CG Artists like Koji in our online accredited courses (ACCSC). Apply today at animschool.edu .

Follow Koji on ArtStation: https://www.artstation.com/koji

At AnimSchool, we teach students who want to make 3D characters move and act. Our instructors are professionals at film and game animation studios like Dreamworks, Pixar, Sony Pictures, Blizzard & Disney. ⁠ Our alumni currently enjoy a 92% placement in the industry within 6 months of graduating. Start your animation journey in our accredited online animation program at animschool.edu (ACCSC)⁠

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