Award-winning Moominvalley Season 3 is out! – Interview of CCO Marika Makaroff

The long awaited award-winning Moominvalley Season 3 is now out on SkyKids UK! In this video interview, Creative Director and founder of the show, Marika Makaroff, explains why she thinks Moominvalley continues to inspire audiences of all ages around the world. She also tells us what makes Moominvalley so topical in today’s world.

00:06 New character: Stinky

00:14 New character: Snork

00:19 Moominvalley themes

00:39 „A road map to happiness“

01:21 Creative Director Marika Makaroff: „We are more the same than different.“

01:37 Moominmamma’s quote

ABOUT GUTSY ANIMATIONS See Good. Be Gutsy. We are a company who believes that the world is in need of funny, clever and meaningful content. All of our productions are aimed at international audiences with positive impact.

Moominvalley has benefitted from Business Finland Audiovisual Production Incentive. Moominvalley Season 3 production is Albert-certified. It is an official acknowledgement that Moominvalley is an environmentally sustainable production.

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