22. Juni 2021 Johannes Wolters

BAFTA Guru: We’re Not (Just) Playing | The Politics of Games, with Elin Festoy, Florent Maurin & More

Games are vehicles for empathy. It’s no surprise then, that they are often fertile grounds for thinking about politics and society. In a time when we feel more divided than ever, games can connect and help us to understand different points of view. But how do you achieve that as a dev team? Join Elle Osili Wood as she talks to BAFTA-winners and nominees to find out.


Elin Festoy (My Child Lebensborn)

Florent Maurin (Bury Me, My Love)

Imre Jele (Orwell’s Animal Farm)

Navid Khonsari (1979 Revolution: Black Friday)

Hosted by Elle Osili Wood

In collaboration with the Orwell Foundation.

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