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Berlin: 19th PICTOPLASMA 2023 — it’s going to be a big one!

As Pictoplasma gears up to once more transform Berlin into the world’s most exciting meeting point for a vivid scene of international artists, illustrators, designers, film makers and creatives, here’s another helpful heap of information on who and what to expect at this May’s character madness:



3 – 7 MAY 2023


Nicely surrounded by a plethora of exhibitions, art sessions, screenings and parties, right at the heart of the happening, the Pictoplasma Conference with talks, panels and workshops awaits you for a dense 3 day ride though the diverse character populated worlds by a truly eclectic line-up of extraordinary artists, trailblazing the face of tomorrow’s visual culture… 

Germán Reina Carmona

Germán Reina Carmona, Lanzarote based character and environment designer, recently in charge of creating the entire visual development for the video game OlliOlli World.

Beth Frey

Beth Frey aka Sentientmuppetfactory, Canadian artist working with a variety of media from painting to installation – and recently AI, to deform the human body and place herself into a chromatic cartoon world.

Eric Althin

Eric Althin aka Sad Salesman, Brooklyn based artist and toy designer, working at the intersection of minimalism, cuteness and weirdness to birth characters and see people empathise with them.


Ketnipz, art and animation page of Welsh artist Harry Hambley dedicated to a small, naked pink Bean – that has risen to the dizzying heights of Instagram influencer fame.


Sophie Jackson aka KeekeeKookoo, Chilean born, Berlin based artist and illustrative tattoo artist inspired by emotions, cats and the universe, on a mission to give the human body a positive memory – one skin at a time.

Johana Kroft

Johana Kroft, Brooklyn based digital designer from the Czech Republic with a love for colours, abstract characters and dogs, applying her trademark style to 3D worlds.


Kensausage, alter ego of Barcelona based illustrator Cristian Robles, reformulating characters from our global popular imagination and pushing them to surreal psychedelic heights. 

Catarina Glam

Catarina Glam, Portuguese visual artist, crafting colour saturated and joyful wooden sculptures, bringing XXL character, geometry and carpentry to the public space.


YONK, 3D animation studio specialized in VR sculpting to craft visually striking artworks that combine raw, childlike shapes with polished, vibrant veneers.

Helena Covell

Helena Covell, illustrator living in South London, taking inspiration from old video games and the Yorkshire landscape she grew up in to create bright, playful character worlds.

Daan Botlek

Daan Botlek, Rotterdam based urban artist, famed for his bold, minimal character line art, perfectly interacting with surrounding space and architecture, while exploring the boundaries of geometry and physics.


Moki, German artist seamlessly switching styles and techniques such as painting, comics, sculpture or performance art to reflect on themes of escapism, climate change and the Anthropocene.


Eline Van Dam aka Zeloot, editorial illustrator from The Hague, translating content and emotion into readable images with her unique style largely informed by the process of screen printing.


Lalalimola, pseudonym of Spanish illustrator Sandra Navarro, known for editorials in which her minimal, expressive and vigorous strokes create narratives that are full of life and wit. 

Ricky Haggett

Ricky Haggett, founder of game studio Hollow Ponds, responsible for many playful collabs with artists from outside the games industry, incl. Hohokum + the upcoming FLOCK with Richard Hogg. 

Chris Hoffmann aka UglyStupidHonest

Chris Hoffmann aka UglyStupidHonest, freelance image maker and creator of big and small worlds populated by whimsical beings, inviting the viewer for a nice swim in a warm puddle of escapism. 

And that’s not nearly all!

We are still in the midst of finalizing the official animation selection from an eye popping tsunami of entries, will soon unleash news on the accompanying groupshows + art happenings, and haven’t even mentioned this year’s XXL media lab, attendee stage and open character market!

While tickets are limited, with exactly 10 weeks left to go, comfortable online registration for all of the above (and more) is still available, and just …



Character ahoy,

peter and lars ­


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