15. Mai 2020 Johannes Wolters

Berlin: Cancellation of physical gamesweekberlin PRO X events in October

Dear  Johannes,

unfortunately, bad news has become the rule in 2020. We even get used to them, which is sad enough, and often we can spot them from a distance, because they tend to start with the word „unfortunately“. So here is another one:

The EGX Berlin team has informed us and has officially announced today, that they are cancelling their October/November event. And if you haven’t heard about the cancellation so far, you are hearing it from us now.

So we’re afraid to tell you that gamesweekberlin PRO X – including QUO VADIS and Womenize! Games & Tech – will not take place in the planned form together with the EGX Berlin this fall.

We were working hard to find a sensible solution to combine our events for professionals with the EGX experience for fans while upholding hygiene and security standards for both, but it just did not work out.

We would love to tell you that we have a new plan for the fall edition of gamesweekberlin 2020 right up our sleeves. But we don’t. We will have to wait and see how this crisis around the spread of COVID-19 will further unfold in the next weeks and months.

We are continuously brainstorming what we can offer you, our community and friends, this year. We will most definitely follow the lines of what we started with the gamesweekdigital and will work together with you on a fruitful alternative solution. But for now we wanted to let you know first. Let’s keep in touch.

Stay happy and healthy, and hope to see you in the meantime at gamesweekdigital: Dev Booster.

Your gamesweekberlin team

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