14. November 2022 Johannes Wolters

Blender Conference BCON: Working in the VFX film and TV industry

My name is Robert Rioux, also known as Blender Bob in the community. I’ve been working in the vfx film industry for 26 years. I’ve worked all over the world in many major studios, on huge Hollywood productions and on more than 60 feature films. At Real by FAKE, we are pushing Blender to its limit with the latest technologies, like filling up a stadium with 100 000 people captured in videogrammetry.

For BCON, I want to show the world how we use Blender on feature films, TV series and commercials and why I was the best choice for us. I would also like to explain in detail our incredible custom pipeline, the challenges that we had, how we fix them or found ways around them and how we got Blender to work seamlessly with other software. https://conference.blender.org/

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