CG Garage Podcast | Jerome Denjean — Supervising Creative Director; Love, Death & Robots

Love, Death & Robots Supervising Creative Director Jerome Denjean breaks down some of the amazing episodes in series three: David Fincher’s “Bad Travelling,” Alberto Mielgo’s “Jibaro,” Patrick Osborne’s “Three Robots: Exit Strategies,” and Emily Dean and Polygon Pictures’ “The Very Pulse of the Machine.” Jerome also reveals how episodes are researched and produced, and how Japanese #animation has influenced their direction.

0:00:00 Intro

0:06:03 Five years of Love, Death & Robots

0:09:12 Jerome’s role and how he works with different directors and international teams

0:14:28 Working with David Fincher on „Bad Travelling“

0:18:23 Fincher, mocap, virtual production, and gore

0:23:48 Old friends return: “Three Robots: Exit Strategies”

0:30:19 The style of „The Very Pulse of the Machine“

0:35:36 The influence of anime and working with Polygon

0:40:16 Alberto Mielgo’s „The Witness“ and „Jibaro“

0:52:39 Nurturing new talent

0:55:17 Producing “Love Death & Robots”

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