CG SPARK: „Apollo 10 ½“: Crafting a Handmade Cultural Zeitgeist – Richard Linklater & Tommy Palotta Conversation – For Your Consideration: Best Animated Film

Richard Linklater knew he wanted to make a movie that captured what it was like to grow up in the Houston suburbs at the height of the space program but the approach to telling that story developed over a period of years and didn’t catalyze until he approached longtime friend and collaborator Tommy Pallotta about making an animated film. The 60s was a time of innovation and pushing boundaries and much like the period itself, „Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood“ is also pushing technical boundaries. Using a new approach lovingly dubbed “2.5D,” Linklater and Pallotta have captured the look and feel of the period in a manner that feels both cozy and familiar and timeless. In this webinar, writer, director and producer Richard Linklater, and Head of Animation and producer Tommy Pallotta, discuss the duo’s animated odyssey over the course of two decades, exploring how their experiences on „Waking Life“ and „A Scanner Darkly“ informed their approach to „Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood“ and how their new film is completely different from anything they’ve done before, pushing animation in new and unexpected directions.

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Each year, SPARK CG hosts the SPARK ANIMATION and SPARK FX conferences, inviting international animation and VFX leaders to network about the rapid changes in the conception, production, and distribution of media content. By providing highly focused conference programming, presentations, recruiting, and networking, SPARK CG plays a significant role in connecting industry leaders from across the globe.

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