“Our purpose is to be a place for education, discussion of the latest ways of doing the most amazing visual effects possible, and to welcome the contributions of our global membership.”

Und weiter hieß es in dem Artikel:

„The VES has members in more than 30 countries around the world. Local sections — organized groups of 50 or more members of the VES — have formed in Australia, the San Francisco Bay Area, London, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York, New Zealand, Toronto and Vancouver. Roth expects to add another section in Germany this spring, while India, China and Japan are also expected to have their own in the near future.“

Dies weckte natürlich mein Interesse und auf Nachfrage erhielt ich jetzt von der VES Society folgende Bestätigung:

Hi Johannes,

Yes, Germany now has more than the minimum required number of VES Members to become a VES Section. The VES is very excited to know that Germany will be our 10th VES Section, along with the existing Sections – LA, Bay Area, Vancouver, London, Australia, New Zealand, New York, Toronto and Montreal. 
The  VES Members of Germany have been notified that they now have passed the minimum number of VES Members for a Section and that can now ask to become a Section. They are now in the process of following the procedures to do so. This should take a little bit of time.
Tim McGovern
Chair – VES Committee for Outreach to Developing Regions