ECHOES OF THE MIST – (FX exercice – Bachelor of Arts in Character Animation and Animated Filmmaking)

A young rock climber faces a mysterious force of nature on his ascent to the summit of the mountain.
Un jeune varappeur fait face à une mysterious force de la nature lors de son ascension au sommet de la montagne.
This film was made by 3rd year students from Bachelor of Arts in „Character Animation and Animated Filmmaking“ in GOBELINS, as part of a pedagogical exercise using special effects, on the subject: SPORTS
Directors: Yehor BONDARENKO, Josephine BREGERON, Marion DECELLAS, William KUOCH, Yosi HSU, Ange YAJIMA
Music, sound design & mixing: Gaspard NOACK-WILHELM, Emilien GROS from Louis Lumière.

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