Film Courage: Solve Your Story Structure Problems In 11 Steps – Pat Verducci [FULL INTERVIEW]

0:00 – Great Movies Have These 3 Essential Story Elements

13:53 – Writing Can’t Be Taught

26:29 – If I Don’t Write I Don’t Feel Good

34:28 – How To Find The Emotional Spine In A Screenplay

45:05 – Theme Comes Last In The Writing Process

55:20 – 11 Step Story Structure Made Easy

1:09:27 – Story Structure Is A Form Not A Formula

1:21:00 – A Writer’s Job Is To Create Questions, Not Give Answers

1:29:58How To Figure Out What A Character Wants

Writing Coach, Teacher, Mentor and Screenwriter Pat Verducci teaches two Advanced Screenwriting courses at UCLA TFT. She has written scripts for Touchstone Pictures, Witt-Thomas Productions, and Walt Disney Animation Studios. She has also worked as a story consultant for Disney/Pixar. She wrote and directed the feature film True Crime, starring Alicia Silverstone, and her writing credits also include documentary shorts for HBO and Showtime. She co-produced Somewhere Between, a feature documentary about four teenaged girls transracially adopted from China, and served as a story consultant on the Tinkerbell franchise for Disney. She is currently the script editor on several feature film projects for Film Victoria and Screen Australia, and is writing Citizen Bella, a documentary on the life of modern dancer Bella Lewitzky. Verducci serves as a mentor at Cinestory and the Meryl Streep funded IRIS/New York Women in Film and Television’s Writer’s Lab for Women. She’s a member of the Writers Guild of America.

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