18. April 2016 Johannes Wolters

Filmakademie Baden Württemberg: Marco Erbrichs „Deep Dance“ (2015)

A world without light, a world dominated by darkness and threatening silence. The deep sea. Driven by their instincts, we pursue two contradictory characters and witness a struggle for life and death. We become victims of the illusion of light.

Deep Dance is an animated short set in the deep sea. It’s a story about survival created by Marco Erbrich. This film was part of the diploma at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

Marco Erbrich
Cosima Degler

VFX- Producer
Julia Smola

Director & Art Director
Marco Erbrich

Patrick Puszko

Markus Limberger

Concept Design
Michaela Gote
Letty Felgendreher
Marco Erbrich

Pipeline & Rendering
Vincent Langer

Chris Hempel
Christoph Westphal
Thomas Hartmann
Vincent Langer

Stereo 3D
Andreas Feix

Fabian Fricke

Georg Schneider
Christoph Westphal

Ringo Klapschinsky

Look Development & Shading+Lighting
Marco Erbrich
Kiril Mirkov

Marco Erbrich
Silke Finger
Philipp Mekus

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