13. März 2018 Johannes Wolters

FREE Adobe Character Animator training FREE to view for the entire month of March 2018. Enjoy.

Mark Simon: FREE. My entire course about Character Animator on


is FREE to view for the entire month of March 2018. Enjoy.

Adobe Character Animator boasts tools and functionality that allow you to create striking real-time animation. In this course, discover how to leverage this fun and powerful software throughout the production process—from pre-production to post-production and delivery. Instructor Mark Simon shows how to tackle pre-production tasks such as storyboarding and budgeting. Mark also goes over ways to add value to your production, explaining how to make your characters walk, how to best capture eye movement, and how to create actions that build off other actions. Plus, he demonstrates how to deal with common production issues; shares some cool production tricks; and explains how to handle the delivery of your final product, including how to set up a live-to-presentation production and export to Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

Topics include:

  • Creating a list of production needs
  • How the varied styles of animation impact production
  • Creating usable digital puppets
  • Working with drawn characters, objects, and CG characters
  • Adding value to the look of your production
  • Exploring various audio recording options
  • Organizing files for production, backup, and transport
  • Using animation cycles
  • Building and editing a scene
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Tricks for enhancing your production
  • Post-production and delivery

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