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April 26-28 RealTime Conference Brings Together Over 150 Speakers Across 100 Sessions for our Spring Event,  and Counting!

RTC is proud and humbled to welcome some of the best specialists in the world to dive into the impact of real-time on multiple industries. New speakers include Rob Bredow, Senior Vice President, Chief Creative Officer at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), three-time Oscar-winning visual effects supervisor Rob Legato (“The Jungle Book“, “Hugo”, “Titanic”, “Lion King”), and Vince Kadlubek, Founder & Director, Meow Wolf – who will give a keynote about the Rise of Retailtainment!

Great news: Vladimir Mastilović, Kim Libreri (Epic Games) and Mike Seymour (FX Guide) will be joined by Matt Workman to discuss The Impact of MetaHuman Creator on Virtual Production, Storytelling & Prototyping.

Last but not least, two-time Oscar winner Dr Mark Sagar, Founder & CEO of Soul Machines – the world leader in humanizing AI to create astonishing Digital People – will give the closing keynote of Christophe Héry’s (Facebook Reality Labs) and Mike Seymour’s (Lecturer, researcher digital humans & writer – MOTUS Lab | Co-founder – fxguide) series of talks about Digital Humans.

Speakers will appear live in real-time from all around the world, and the event will be hosted live from Los Angeles at NantStudios‚ Virtual Production Complex.


RTC Talks, Panels, Demos and Expert Q&A: All Live!

Topics range from ArchViz to Collaborative Work Across Industries, The Rise of Retailtainment, NFTs, In-Camera VFX, Pixel Streaming, MetaHumans, Digital Fashion… see our full program for more.

Why NFTs Could Be The Future Of Buying Art 

Alexa Meade – Alexa Meade Art

Remote Collaboration with NVIDIA Omniverse and HP ZCentral

Jeff Kember – Global developer relations director for Omniverse platform – Nvidia; Joshua St. John – Head of creators, global product planning and industry strategy – HP

The Evolution Of LED Technology, From Live Events To New Media

Connie Kennedy – Los Angeles Lab Director / Epic Games
Craig Mitchell – Managing Director – LMG Touring
Tim Moore – CEO – Diamond View
J.T. Rooney – Chief Creative Officer – XR Studios | Screen Producer – Silent Partners Studio

Reimagine Storytelling

Ed Plowman – CTO – disguise

The New Dimension – Real Time Volumetric Video

Hayes Mackaman – CEO – 8i

Creating a Custom Retail Virtual Showroom in Under 10 Minutes with MetaVRse Engine

Alan Smithson – Co-founder – MetaVRse

The Impact Of Real-Time On Health And How Real-Time Technologies Help In The Fight Against The Pandemic

Noah Falstein – Owner – The Inspiracy | Games for Health
Emma Lundberg – Professor – KTH Royal Institute of Technology | Director Human Protein Atlas Project
Michael DiBenigno – Head of Business – Flow Immersive
Jason Marsh – CEO – Flow Immersive, Inc
Lars Engelhard – Co-Founder – Unleash Future

Volumetric Technology Unlocks The Future Of Sports Experiences

Shaun Carrigan – Director of Product & Experience – Intel Sports

Education And Training Around Realtime Technology: Solving Challenges From A Production And Media & Entertainment Point Of View. 

Noah Kadner – Senior Writer | Virtual Production | AR/ XR Specialist
Manny Francisco – CTO – RealTime Conference | UCLA REMAP | Unreal Fellow in Virtual Production
Brian Pohl – Head of Epic Games Fellowship – Epic
Greg Mitchell – Cinematics Director – The Coalition Studio – Microsoft

Urban Projects Experiences from The Cloud

Teïlo François – Director of innovation, partner – Vectuel; Christophe Robert – Co-founder – Furioos

Value of Values, Transactional Art on The Blockchain Giving Shape to Human Values.  Real-Time Short Cut From The Brain To The Blockchain

Prof. Maurice Benayoun – Founder – Neuro design lab, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong

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