15. September 2022 Johannes Wolters

Köln: Clash of Realities Conference 2022 – An Era Comes to an End

The 13th Clash of Realities will take place from September 28 to 30, 2022, at the Cologne Game Lab. Some keynotes will be held online and will also be streamed. You can register now on our website www.clashofrealities.com

Kicking things off on September 28 is the Young Academics Workshop on „Female Figures: Present and Future of Storytelling, Play, and Characters.“ Following the opening keynote by game designer and NYU professor Eric Zimmerman, the graduates of CGL’s bachelor’s and master’s programs will be honored with a graduation talk by Nathalie Pozzi and Eric Zimmerman.

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2022 Summits – What Will the Future Hold?

These are wild times we live in: On the one hand, climate change, war, mass refugee movements, energy crises, and pandemics; on the other hand, powerful new intellectual and protest movements and unprecedented technological advances, for example, in artificial intelligence, medicine, and astronautics. So many conflicts and backward steps, so much hope and progress – we have to wonder what kind of future lies ahead of us. In its 13th and last edition, the Clash of Realities Conference reflects on these questions and the unique role of games in our effort to create a better world.


Young Academics Workshop Female Figures: Present & Future of Storytelling, Play & Characters

Film & Games Summit Storytelling as a Strategy of Social Responsibility

Game Studies Summit Gaming the Metaverse

Games & Climate Summit Design for Ecological Sustainability & Ecological Game Worlds

Game Psychology SummitMental Health and Well-Being in Games

Game Development Summit Astronauts and Aliens

The conference started in 2006 as a forum for transferring knowledge from research to politics and the public, focusing on media-pedagogical issues. Over the years, we added a variety of summits on different topics, such as Game Studies, Game Development, and Film & Games. Looking back on 12 conference editions within the last 16 years, we are proud to have turned the conference into a thriving outlet for ideas from different disciplines. At the Clash of Realities, theory and practice come together, enriching each other and offering opportunities for interdisciplinary exchange and dialogue.

Sadly, all good things have to come to an end someday. The good news is that we were able to attract a star line-up for the 2022 farewell conference: Among the 50 renowned international experts from academia, science & research, economics, politics, and the game industry are Tracy Fullerton (University of Southern California), Frans Mäyrä (Tampere University), Janet Murray (Georgia Institute of Technology), Nathalie Pozzi (Parsons School of Design), and Eric Zimmerman (New York University). Some will join us on-site at the CGL, and some will contribute online.

For everyone who wants to join us for this last edition of the conference, be it online or on-site, we look forward to meeting you and experiencing the unique Clash of Realities spirit one last time!

Keynote Speakers

Kelli Dunlap

Game Psychology Summit September 29 | 5.15 pm Creating an Ethical Code for Designing Psychological Trauma Games

Tracy Fullerton

Game Dev Summit September 29 | 6.00 pm Indie, Art, and Edu: The Changing Seasons of “Walden, a Game”

Frans Märyä

Game Studies Summit September 30 | 5.15 pm The Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies

Janet Murray

Game Studies Summit September 29 | 3.30 pm The Never-Ending Imitation Game. Or: An Earthling’s Guide to Yet-Another-Metaverse

Joanne Popińska

Young Academics Workshop September 28 | 1.35 pm Staying True to an Impactful Vision in Immersive Storytelling

Nathalie Pozzi

CGL Graduation 2022 September 28 | 6.00 pm Graduation Speech

Jesse Schell

Game Studies Summit September 30 | 2.30 pm The Metaverse: What’s Now, What’s Next

Stefan Werning

Games & Climate Summit September 29 | 10.05 am How Creative Metagaming Practices Can Augment Climate Communication and Action

Eric Zimmerman

Opening Keynote September 28 | 5.15 pm The Rules We Break – Lessons in Thinking, Play, and Design

Check out all of the speakers and the entire program

with the exact times & rooms & streaming links on our website.

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