17. Februar 2016 Johannes Wolters

Lumatic aus Berlin präsentiert den Teaser: Our Wonderful Nature – The Common Chameleon

Die Webseite von LUMATIC findet sich hier!

We are LUMATIC, an animation and visual effects studio located in Berlin. Our team includes award winning film makers, 3D artists and animators. Our years of experience in the field enable us to develop any idea into moving images, in a variety of styles and to a state-of-the-art technical level.


Our work spreads throughout the whole bandwidth of animation and post production:
conceptualizing, visualization, set and character design, 3D modeling and animation, concept art, set extensions, matte painting and compositing. In addition, we also have a vast experience with set supervision and 3D stereoscopic media production.


Passion for well-crafted images and motions is our driving force. Our goal is to create digital characters and visual effects in a way, that would deliver your content in the best possible way. We would be very happy to hear from you!

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