14. Januar 2023 Johannes Wolters

Lumatic, Berlin: Die Schule der Magischen Tiere 2 (2022) / Making of Magical Animals

Lumatic was founded in 2014 by Dennis Rettkowski, Lars Krüger, Tomer Eshed, Alexander Pohl and Michael Herm. Working together for over a decade, we are a solid core team of skilled supervisors in computer animation production. As well as covering each area of expertise, we possess an essential understanding of how the different work steps interact during production, as well as advanced problem-solving abilities.Lumatic produces in-house, and frequently collaborates with partner studios such as Big Hug FX in Munich, Talking Animals in Berlin, and Able & Baker in Madrid. Lumatic was also the creative lead behind the feature film Dragon Rider. 

Lumatic Animation war verantwortlich für die Gestaltung, Animation, Beleuchtung und Integration der Tiere in „Die Schule der Magischen Tiere 2“.

Lead VFX Supervisor: Dennis Rettkowski
Animation Director: Tomer Eshed
Animation Supervisor: Lars Krüger
Lead Character Artist: Michael Herm
Compositing Supervisor: Leslie E. Renaud


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