M3GAN | Behind the Screams at Wētā Workshop

Toys, robots, and a new best friend! 🔪 Sneak behind the scenes of M3GAN. Wētā Workshop designed and manufactured a series of props for M3GAN directed by Gerard Johnstone. A huge congratulations to all who helped bring these creations to life – this project was a lot of fun! Our design team worked to visualise characters; Bruce (Gemma’s personal robot project), Elsie (a smart-home assistant appliance), the Furzees, Purrpetual pets, a Selina doll and contributed design for M3GAN. Collectively, our manufacturing crew delivered Bruce, Elsie, two Furzees, five Purrpetual pets (including its chassis), a Selina doll and makeup fx for Brandon’s ear.


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