MPC – Annette directed by Leos Carax – VFX Breakdown

A stand-up comedian and his opera singer wife have a 2-year-old daughter with a surprising gift… Leos Carax’s Annette opened this year’s Cannes Film Festival! A 5 star cast and visual effects & post production made by our MPC Liège teams in collaboration with CG cinéma, SCOPE Production and Wrong Men!

VFX Supervisor: Guillaume Pondard
VFX Producer: Géraldine Thiriart
CG Supervisor: Stéphane Thibert
Supervision shooting reinforcement: Morgan Hardy
VFX Coordination: Loic Poes
Executive Producer: Gaël Durant
Track 3D: Yvan Galtié
CG: Ryan Bardoul, Thibaut Couwenbergh, Johan Laurent, Alexandre Rouil
Lead Compositing: François Crèvecoeur
Compositing : Barthélémy Beaux, Pierre Capacchi, Philippe Frère, Quentin Van Rossom, Charline Hubeau

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