23. Dezember 2017 Johannes Wolters

München: Aixsponza – Showreel 2017 –

We are Aixsponza (Eks-sponza)

Since 2006 our team of designers and technology geeks is producing animations for big and small budgets. We tell stories, give you visual pleasure and ease the most complex processes off to graspable animations. We create new worlds, build design guides, love typography and compose the music that fits your new visual way of life.

We love motion graphics, 3D animation, visual effects & graphic design.

Our studio is located in the very center of Munich’s vibrant creative and leisure neighbourhood Schwabing. Resisting the urge to go out and party with the crowd, we enjoy our roomy and open office space. Quiet meeting areas, busy working spaces, fancy leather couches, a cozy kitchen and two balconies with green (sometimes also greyish-brown) plants … we’ve got it all.


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